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Brijit Index for 27 Nov 2007

In Brijit Index on Tuesday, 27 November 2007 at 12:07

More soon as we get this blog ramped up, but for now, here’s this week’s Brijit Index.

1 The Amazing Albatrosses by Kennedy Warne, Smithsonian, September 2007 — Warne reports on these magnificent animals and the threats to their survival, and profiles members of the scientific community who are studying the birds, and the difficulty of studying a species that literally travels around the world.

2 America’s Water War by Tom Englehardt, Salon, 19 Nov 2007 — What if we run out of water? Engelhardt suggests that the government and media largely have ignored the issue, and he warns of a potential era of resource wars. His thorough research fleshes out this urgent, underreported aspect of climate change.

3 We’ll Still Respect You in the Morning, A.V. Club, 19 Nov 2007 — This piece chronicles movie stars who aren’t afraid to put it out there in the name of art. With comments selected from the Celebrity Nudity Database (think IMDB for skin), the actors are rated not so much for physical appearance and appeal as they are for their ballsiness, so to speak.

4 Bethlehem 2007 AD by Michael Finkel, National Geographic, December 2007

5 Master of the Killer Ants, Nova, 20 Nov 2007

6 Butcher’s Method Takes Carving Off the Table by Julia Moskin, The New York Times, 21 Nov 2007

7 Chairlifts Are for Sissies by Josh Dean, The New York Times Magazine, 27 Oct 2007

8 Naughty or Nice by Calvin Tompkins, The New Yorker, 19 Nov 2007

9 Good-bye to All That by Corey Seymour, Men’s Vogue, December 2007

10 Making Carbon Markets Work by Victor & Cullenward, Scientific American, December 2007


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