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Brijit Index for 11 Dec 2007

In Brijit Index on Tuesday, 11 December 2007 at 17:29

The Brijit Index is a weekly report on the most popular print, broadcast and online features from, culled from 100 of the world’s best and most trusted sources. The Brijit Index reflects the choices of Brijit’s growing community of smart readers and writers, and spotlights the most popular pieces from the past seven days.

1 How America Lost the War on Drugs by Ben Wallis-Wells, Rolling Stone, 13 Dec 2007 — A long, hard chronicle of the US government’s ailing war on drugs, from the battlefields of Vietnam to today’s Iraq-style mess of face-saving politics, where “victory seems not only unattainable but somehow beside the point.” Extensive, detailed, and eminently level-headed.

2 Edge of Reason by David Fleming, ESPN the Magazine, 3 Dec 2007 — Dropping from the top slot in last week’s Brijit Index, we learn how the Tennessee Titans take risks other teams are scared to, starting with drafting star quarterback Vince Young and continuing with coach Jeff Fisher’s nothing-to-lose play-calling. Altogether, this package will help you see an entirely new dimension of America’s Sunday obsession.

3 Understanding Geeks by Adam Bluestein, Inc., December 2007 — Don’t know how to talk to the in-house geek squad? Don’t understand their obsession with Star Wars? Bluestein offers a humorous guide to managing, befriending, and understanding the company techies. Respect, reverence, and shiny gadgets should keep things ticking along, but never, ever touch their stuff.

4 Making Relationships Work by John M. Gottman, Harvard Business Review, December 2007

5 The Kindness of Strangers by Robin Fox, Harper’s, November 2007

6 The Littlest Hustler by Geoffrey Gray, New York, 10 Dec 2007

7 Shadowy Path May Lead to Treasure by Kim Christensen, Los Angeles Times, 5 Dec 2007

8 Stanford Mystery: Who’s the Old Guy in the White Nikes? by Nicholas Casey, The Wall Street Journal, 3 Dec 2007

9 Calling Evel Knievel by Joshua Seftel, Salon, 5 Dec 2007

10 What Every Leader Needs to Know About Followers by Barbara Kellerman, Harvard Business Review, December 2007


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