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Brijit Index for 31 Dec 2007

In Brijit Index on Wednesday, 2 January 2008 at 14:44
The Brijit Index is a weekly report on the most popular print, broadcast and online features from, culled from 100 of the world’s best and most trusted sources. The Brijit Index reflects the choices of Brijit’s growing community of smart readers and writers, and spotlights the most popular pieces from the past seven days. We’ve doubled up this week due to the holidays; this Brijit Index covers the past 14 days:
1 Dickheads of the Year by Bill Maher, Rolling Stone, 27 Dec 2007 / 10 January 2008 — Not your average year-in-review, Maher offers up his picks, and readers left of the political center will find it hilarious. PETA’s public enemy number one, Michael Vick holds the dubious distinction of topping the list, and Blackwater CEO Erik Prince is not far behind. Group award-winners include College Republicans, for being “doughy losers who, at age twenty, care more about tax cuts than girls,” and the “twenty-five percent of America who would not desert George Bush if he ran over Dakota Fanning with his pickup truck.”
2 The Worst Films of 2007, A.V. Club, 18 Dec 2007 — Obvious candidates (Daddy Day Camp, Norbit) mixed with high-falutin’ failures (Lion for Lambs, Elizabeth: The Golden Age). Of course it’s easier to pan than praise, and the writers get are loaded for bear, describing the directors of Epic Movie as “cancerous boils on the face of comedy.” Some of the descriptions are so deliciously derisive, you even might be enticed to give bombs such as Dane Cook’s Good Luck Chuck a second look.
3 A Bible, but No Email by Richard Stengel & Adi Ignatius, Time, 31 Dec 2007 — Vladimir Putin is Time’s Person of the Year, and this conversation with the Russian leader is fascinating. Putin openly discusses geopolitics, his view of US failures in Iraq, his KGB training, and American misconceptions about Russians. He’s cagier when it comes to corruption, the murders of journalists, and the jailing of former chess champion Garry Kasparov.
4 Little-Known Mafia Is Cocaine ‘King’ by Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times, 27 Dec 2007
5 Sock It to Me: Competitive Knitters Get Deadly Serious by Kevin Delaney, The Washington Post, 17 Dec 2007
6 Escape From Jonestown by Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated, 31 Dec 2007
7 A Buyer’s Christmas by James Surowiecki, The New Yorker, 24 & 31 Dec 2007
8 J.K. Rowling by Nancy Gibbs, Time, 31 Dec 2007

9 The Year in Food 2007, Chow, 21 Dec 2007

10 Best of Ads, Worst of Ads by Suzanne Vranica, The Wall Street Journal, 27 Dec 2007


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