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In Connecting the Dots on Wednesday, 20 February 2008 at 12:58

It’s not easy being the front-runner. Fresh off his Wisconsin primary win, Barack Obama finds himself leading Hillary Clinton in delegates, but under increased scrutiny from the press corps. Campaigning in Wisconsin, he was teased for skipping the blue-collar pandering (brats, beers, and fish frys), and giving a speech at a convention center instead. Across the US, numerous pundits are arguing that Obama is more style than substance, while others have examined his speeches for plagiarism. Writing from his perch at The New York Times, David Brooks looks at the candidate’s momentum and wonders what will happen “when the magic fades.” But then again, the primaries aren’t over yet. The Sunday morning talk shows were buzzing with party loyalists and testy discussions of the latest issues within the Democratic Party itself: Will delegates from Florida and Michigan be seated at the convention? And how should all those superdelegates vote?


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