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In Connecting the Dots on Monday, 25 February 2008 at 12:23

With a lull in Democratic primaries before the upcoming contests in Ohio and Texas, pundits and political writers have focused upon the role of superdelegates in this tight race. Raising the specter of a nominee chosen by superdelegates — those hangers-on, VIPs, political operatives, and party cadres who can cast their delegate vote however they please, unbeholden to any popular vote — Rick Stengel ponders the unlikely possibility that superdelegates would dare to go against the electorate, while other reporters look at the controversial history of the superdelgate. Lanny Davis even provides a first-hand account of his experience as a superdelegate, pointing out that they’ve always been seen as “independent” of the electorate, while Geraldine Ferraro offers her own, pro-superdelegate take on the situation. (Of course, both disclose themselves as Hillary Clinton supporters, the candidate widely considered to benefit from all this superdelegate maneuvering.)


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