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They Love Us In Canada!

In brijit on Monday, 3 March 2008 at 15:10

Jonathan Kay of The National Post wrote a killer piece on Brijit today. He’s coined the word “Brijiteer,” which I absolutely love, to describe a Brijit writer. And he and his colleagues in Toronto are apparently engaged in a three-way “Brijit Summary Smackdown,” another phrase I plan to adopt with all due speed, as we’d love to see friends challenging friends to these little semi-intellectual contests across the Web. Good stuff.

As the CEO of a startup, I can’t help but smile at the comparison to YouTube and Facebook:

“…every once and a while, a new web site comes along and changes my life. It happened with Youtube in 2005, and then again with Facebook last year. And now I’m going through the same throes of electronic passion with a new love, Brijit.”

And in another sign that we’re moving in the right direction, Kay’s also using Brijit as a verb:

“I am hooked on Brijit like electronic crack. I no longer Facebook, or Blackberry, or IM. Instead, I Brijit.”

In all, they love us in Canada!


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