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The International Language of Laughter

In Connecting the Dots on Thursday, 6 March 2008 at 11:54

Comedy’s making news these days, and not just in the US. In Burma three-man stand-up comedy team the Moustache Brothers has gotten away with taking shots at the military junta, but two of the brothers have landed in jail for their jokes, and locals aren’t even allowed to watch the act — which is performed in a living room. Less political is 91-year-old Dr. Tangalanga, a beloved Argentinian funnyman who has been making prank phone calls for more than 40 years; he’s so popular that a third of his victims now recognizes him when he calls. Closer to the US, viral videos have brought stardom to Anita Renfroe, who offers up observational jokes about the foibles of life as a Christian soccer mom, while veteran Saturday Night Live comedy writer James Downey has recently found himself in the spotlight following his high-profile political sketches about the 2008 election. Replayed and discussed ad nauseum by the cable-television crowd, the SNL sketches have brought Downey some increased notoriety (but, as yet, no jail time).


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