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Missing the Marx

In Connecting the Dots on Friday, 7 March 2008 at 14:55

With the Republican nomination wrapped up and Democrats pitting two highly popular, historically significant candidates against one another, the Beltway press is desperate for a provocative story to tell. In the wake of SNL’s much-discussed roast of the Democratic debate, the press gamely returned to their old standby: conflict. Hence Linda Hershman, for whom the whole race boils down to class struggle. Then again, it could very well be a question of race. Or gender. Maureen Dowd splits the difference, saying it’s about both race and gender, making it the “ultimate nightmare of liberal identity politics.” The Nation’s Katha Pollitt begs to differ, however, claiming that the real nightmare scenario facing the Democrats wears sensible shoes — and answers to the name Nader.


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