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George Clooney Kisses and Tells, and Tells, and Tells …

In Connecting the Dots on Friday, 14 March 2008 at 12:49

We get it — George Clooney is a handsome devil. Every lady’s favorite piece of eye candy has been making the rounds. The New York Times Magazine put a rather bizarre photo on the cover of its special issue last week of Clooney spattered with mud (sadly, the story had far less dirt). Clooney apparently also had dinner with Time‘s Joel Stein, who found him not only handsome, but charming. Esquire has Clooney googling himself, while Radar dug for gossip from Hollywood sources and came up with all sorts of anecdotes about Clooney’s temper.

If you’re looking for other cover candy, though, this week there’s a sensitive Brett Favre weeping on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a New Yorker featuring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama getting friendly, and a new Vanity Fair featuring a frisky Amy Poehler getting personal with Tina Fey (hey, it’s more action than Playboy got from its interview with Fey).

  1. […] their moment, the reasoning goes, and China is unlikely to budge on Tibet. Even our man, the ubiquitous Cloonster, would support that, while XM Radio host Joe Madison (aka The Black Eagle) is pushing for an […]

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