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Everyone Into the (Office) Pool!

In Connecting the Dots on Tuesday, 18 March 2008 at 10:22

Wondering how to fill out that NCAA tournament bracket? ESPN has some sardonic tips — pick schools that have tough mascots, celebrity alums, and that don’t graduate their players. Esquire has some general tips on sports betting, including “just fill the thing out” — no one likes the guy who says he doesn’t know anything about basketball.

If you’re actually looking for depth, there are plenty of player profiles out there to give you your fix. North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough leads the list of frontcourt players to watch; others include Luke Harangody of Notre Dame, Stanford’s Lopez twins, and Wisconsin’s Brian Butch, one of the more inspiring players in the tourney this year. If you like guards, look for Russel Westbrook of UCLA, OJ Mayo of USC, and, on defense, Xavier’s Stanley Burrell (ESPN the Magazine has plenty more). Not taking the court this year is rapper Lil Romeo — he won’t be handling the ball for USC until 2009.


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