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War, What is it Good For?

In Connecting the Dots on Thursday, 20 March 2008 at 10:59

Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, and the nation’s media have been flooding the zone. Ouside of the predictable “it’s been a success!” and “it’s been a failure!” op-eds, there were some more interesting angles. “Talk of the Nation” spoke with the producer for the New York Times’ Iraq-based blog, which includes man-on-the-street interviews with actual Iraqis. Tavis Smiley interviewed Rep. Patrick Murphy, the first Iraq vet elected to Congress, while BusinessWeek ran a feature on vets heading to business school. Salon took a look at the impact of the war on Iraq’s cultural and archaeological heritage, and Dana Milbank of the Washington Post attended an anti-war rally outside, of all places, IRS headquarters. (There’s plenty more if you still haven’t gotten your fix.)

For a truly moving assessment of the war’s impact at home, though, take a look at Esquire‘s brilliant piece from late last year about an Iraq vet using pot to treat his post-traumatic stress disorder.


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