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Breaking China in Tibet

In Connecting the Dots on Friday, 21 March 2008 at 12:03

With violence erupting in Tibet this week, the stars aligned to make China look especially naughty, and as the summer Olympics draw near, everyone’s favorite Communist giant is getting a thorough grilling from the press. The Economist examined the Dalai Lama’s role in the mess, arguing that the bespectacled holy man might be China’s only hope for compromise. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal took note of the tightrope that Olympic sponsors walk as complaints grow about China’s involvement in the Darfur conflict.

And then, of course, there’s the whole censorship thing, which everybody weighed in on. The Los Angeles Times provided a near-comic report on China’s latest PR campaign, in which the country plays victim to Tibetan aggression. The Journal and TechCrunch also looked at the Internet blackout (a world without Google or YouTube? Inconceivable!) — and how Google might respond.

So what do the Tibetans have to say for themselves? The Journal had a great piece about fired-up youth creating their own “Free Tibet” movement — sans the Dalai Lama. And there’s more trouble brewing: The New York Times ran a thoughtful piece about class strife between the wealthier Han Chinese and poorer Tibetans.

But if this week’s violent imagery has you feeling sorry for the Tibetans, take comfort in Saveur‘s recent piece on the tea made from yak butter that sustains them in these cold, hard times.

  1. “The Los Angeles Times provided a near-comic report on China’s latest PR campaign”

    the 18 chinese civilians who got killed by racist tibetan mob obviously made you very happy.

    the world doesn’t care if we live or die, so why we should care what you say or feel? fuck tibet come fight us for it!! LMAO

  2. China, currently, cannot afford open media just because any unrest news will shake the power and cause chain effect into other region rapidly! So stop point your fingers! Tibet is, ultimately, an inside issue for Chinese! China did not rob them, invade them, NOT! This time, Tibetan killed Chinese civilians! Surprised much?? HOW CAN INNOCENT ALWAYS0-VICTIM TIBETAN/MONKS KILL?! BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN BIASED ALL ALONG! DO I SUPPORT CHINESE GOVERNMENT TO CLAM DOWN THE RIOT? HELL YEAH! THEY ARE UNGRATEFUL IGNORANT CRAZY SUPERSTITIOUS PEOPLE WHO LIVE A POOR LIFE BECAUSE THEIR OWN INCAPABILITIES, NOT WILLING TO LEARN SKILLS, AND THEY ARE GETTING WARE FARE PAYCHECK FROM CHINESE GOVERNMENT! ! THEY DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED!

  3. Thousands of Tibetans have lost their lives at the hands of the Chinese but not Chinese would have been killed in the riots if they hadn’t gone their in the first place and join in the illegal occupation and oppression. Han Chinese have nothing but distain for Tibetans in Tibet. I have pictures to prove it.

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