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Less Money, Mo’ Problems

In Connecting the Dots on Thursday, 27 March 2008 at 13:02

Wired editor Chris Anderson continues making the rounds to promote his free-stuff-online thesis, echoing the message from his March cover story. From photo storage to email addresses, it seems you can get nearly anything for free online — but many of these sites can afford the cheap goods by taking close notes about your surfing habits, info that advertisers prize. Facebook in particular has drawn criticism for its shopper-spying Beacon, which it has since amended (and added additional privacy features), Talk of the Nation reported. Alas, it seems the best things in life are not actually free; in a unique piece, The Believer prints “condensed copy” of an indie-film budget — and $3,000 of its $6 million goes to photocopies of the script.


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