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Remembering the War We’re Still Fighting

In Connecting the Dots on Friday, 18 April 2008 at 12:42

The five-year anniversary of the Iraq war just passed — that’s longer than the duration of many marriages in the US — but it’s looking doubtful that Iraq will take the US out for a nice steak dinner any time soon. For one thing, Iraq is not only politically broken, it’s also physically shattered: 20,000 of the country’s 34,000 registered doctors have fled the country since the US invasion, the Wall Street Journal reports. Four thousand US soldiers have died, another grim milestone in a conflict whose “enemy” continues to shift. The Washington Post ‘s Harold Meyerson argues that the Iraq war is the first American war to have had several distinct enemies; first we fought Saddam and the Sunnis, then we fought side-by-side with them against Al Qaeda, now we’re fighting the Shiite forces aided by Iran. Plus, as Newsweek points out, our attempts at cultural diplomacy are in shambles — only three of 19 cultural embeds speak Arabic.

Well, at least it’s Friday.


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