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Brijit is a privately-held online media startup with offices in Washington, DC and Sunnyvale, CA. We save people time by aggregating great content and summarizing, reviewing, and rating it in 100 words or fewer. We do this by combining the efforts of a global network of smart readers and writers with an internal team of editors.


If you check out our site at, you’ll see that what we do should be pretty self-explanatory: we help busy people discover, prioritize, and access great content quickly, easily, and on their own terms.

We wish deep down that we read The Economist and the New Yorker cover-to-cover every week. We wish we caught every episode of The Daily Show and This American Life. We wish we browsed away on Pitchfork and Chow and A.V. Club. But we don’t. And chances are, neither do you. Because, best intentions aside, who’s got the time? It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to know what’s out there. It just means we need a little help. And that’s why we created Brijit.

The cornerstone of our effort is the Brijit Abstract. We bring together great long-form content and wrap a 100-word summary, review, and rating around each piece. Right now we cover more than 85 of the best, most trusted print, broadcast, and online sources. We produce these abstracts through a unique hybrid editorial model, working as one community of smart readers, writers, and editors.

Brijit is a privately-owned, angel-financed online media startup with teams based in Washington, DC, and Sunnyvale, CA.



I’m Brijit’s founder, CEO and editor-in-chief. I’ve loved media and journalism my whole life. This is my second startup.


I’m Brijit’s co-founder and president, and a former venture capitalist and consumer Internet analyst.


I’m Brijit’s managing editor. I’m also co-author of the New York Times bestseller All the President’s Spin, was the founding assistant managing editor of CJR Daily (the daily website of the Columbia Journalism Review), and co-founded Spinsanity, which helped launch the Internet fact-checking revolution.

  1. I am wondering, as a new subscriber, there is no facility for me to tell you what subjects/journals I am particularly interested in – even with the promise of intelligent human filtering, the range and number of Brijit extracts seems daunting – is there no way to add my own, personal filter?
    It would be nice also to be able to set some hurdles to allow really remarkable serendipitous content to get through – a popularity threshold, say, and a reviewer rating threshold (importance, quality, originality)

    Best luck, and I’m hoping I’ll find Brijit useful!

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