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In brijit on Friday, 23 May 2008 at 10:54

Since we launched last October, Brijit has received an overwhelmingly positive response in the media. Marci Alboher writes the Shifting Careers blog for the New York Times, and first mentioned Brijit not long after we launched. I spoke with her earlier this week. Apparently she came back after some time out of town, and told a colleague how useful she found Brijit as a tool for catching up with things she may have missed while she was gone. But alas…

Brijit is featured today in Marci’s blog; we’re currently the lead post on Shifting Careers. Thanks for sharing Brijit with your readers, Marci. Here’s the bit I was most jazzed about:

“The comments to this post are great reading — users of the site offer their suggestions on how to tweak Brijit’s business model and one of the site’s writers weighs in on why the site is appealing to contributors.”

That’s you, Brijit fans. Please don’t hesitate to comment on and tell the world how much you miss the 100-word version.


Can You Feel the Love?

In brijit on Thursday, 15 May 2008 at 17:50

Yesterday was awful. Out of financial runway, Brijit stopped publishing abstracts for after more than eight months of continuous service to our growing community. Ripped the band-aid right off!

Personally, at least, today’s a much better day. The outpouring of affection and support around closing Brijit, at least temporarily, has been amazing. One of my favorites:

Here’s Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb: “In a tragic and surprising turn of events, Brijit, one of the most interesting startups on the web, has announced that the company has run out of money…”

Thanks, Marshall. You’ve always had nice things to say about our service, and I appreciate it.

Comments like this one from a loyal reader named Gabe: “I visited Brijit 2-3 times a day. Bottom line is that out of the gazillions of sites out there, there are only around 5 (and Brijit is one of them) where I’m guaranteed to be given quick and easy access to more than 5 articles that I’ll find interesting.”

Also plenty of notes of encouragement from friends, acquaintances and total strangers. Great stuff.

Professionally, I’m pleased to say, I also received inquiries from a handful of credible potential investors and partners, upon which I’m already following up. Long shots, to be sure, but worth a shot nonetheless.

Today I’m feeling the love. Please keep it coming!